Mark the spirits with your screens

An unprecedented sense of immersion

Use the power of audiovisual to create an immersive experience powered by professionals videos.

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Shelduck TV is the terminal that will allow your customers to fly away, for a short or long stay, to the most beautiful landscapes that make up our world

Absolute beauty in minimalism

1. Connect

Simple and intuitive: easily connect the Shelduck TV to your screen via its HDMI cable

2. Select

Rich and varied: browse the interactive platform to select a destination

3. Travel

Relaxing and peaceful: let the journey begin ...

The world is in your hand

52 countries, 7 continents, 14 atmospheres and more than 10'000 high resolution files ...

Navigate through an interactive platform, to adapt the atmosphere you wish to convey

Enjoy the best quality anywhere in the world, without worrying about your internet connection

No bandwidth or outsourced cloud, everything is on your box for guaranteed security

The technical characteristics

10 bits

The 10-bit technology provides better colour rendering for more accurate gradations, consisting of over a billion colours.

High dynamic range

With its high dynamic range (HDR), the Shelduck TV gives you an unparalleled level of detail in both the darkest and the brightest tones


  Enhance your viewing experience with our exclusively in 4K UHD content only and enjoy four times the detail of Full HD content.

Random and infinite playback

Each launch is a new journey that only ends when you decide it does. 

Our planet, our responsibility

Ecology has an important place and Shelduck TV is responsible for its actions. Here is its eco-design:

A shell made of plastic from the oceans

100% recyclable ecological cardboard packaging

No bandwidth consumption

Ecological disposal taken care of


Pre-order your Shelduck TV now

Shelduck TV

CHF 499.-

Free delivery

for the whole of Switzerland

Two year warranty

for more peace of mind

100% Swiss made

to ensure quality

Your journey starts now

A sample of what awaits you with Shelduck TV ...