What you need to know


Our primary objective is to allow anyone to discover the world through immersive


Our passion and dedication to the audiovisual industry allows us to offer a product
of excellence


The heart of Shelduck TV is our planet. Preserving it is naturally a pillar of our

Every video has a story

The amazing thing about filming is that you freeze time forever. It could be a birth, a birthday, a wedding or a trip. From the first second you start filming, you write the story of these events on a memory card. These stories are then stored in digital libraries, waiting for the day when they will be brought back into the spotlight. Then comes the most beautiful moment, the moment when they are shared with a lot of indescribable emotions. A moment when joy, nostalgia and escape mix to form a timeless feeling of well-being.


For videographers, the concept is the same. Every time we turn on our camera, every time we take off our drone, we write a story. Whether on the mountain tops of the Valais, in Scandinavia, in South-East Asia or in other lands, Shelduck Production Sàrl has written thousands of them. Like all creations, they have been stored in a digital library, waiting for the day when they will be put back in the spotlight.


In 2019, we became aware of the beauty and richness of all these stories. The time had come to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to escape, dream and discover the beauty of the world. This idea of sharing led to several years of work to find THE perfect solution to share these stories. It is in the heart of the Swiss mountains, in 2021, that we have succeeded in reaching our goal with an innovative, state-of-the-art product that meets all the criteria for perfection. A hardware solution called Shelduck TV, which blends history and technology to create a relaxing and unforgettable experience. From its Zen pebble-inspired design to its nature-friendly eco-design, the entire solution has been thought through to the smallest detail. All of this to form an invitation to travel and discover the thousands of stories written by the cameras of Shelduck Production Sàrl and its many partners around the world.