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With the "countries" selection, discover more than 52 countries around the world. Each time a country is launched, a new journey begins and doesn't end until you decide...


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With the "continents" selection, discover the 7 continents that make up our world. Each time a continent is launched, a new journey begins and only ends when you decide...

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The World

Travelling around the world is the ultimate traveller's dream. Aith the "world" selection, make this dream come true by discovering our planet. With each world launch, explore the 52 countries, 7 continents and 10,000 high resolution files that make up Shelduck TV. A journey that only ends when you decide.


Travel through Kenya, passing through its wilderness reserves or along its mile-long coastline of bright white sand


Scattered here and there, a few granite rocks, rounded by the waves, adorn the immaculate sandy beaches of the Seychelles

South Africa

The 'Rainbow Nation' invites you to discover its multitude of amazing landscapes, from desert lands to South Africa's major cities 


Let yourself be transported to Tanzania, between the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, and the many nature reserves that are home to wild animals 


Discover Cambodia, an Asian country covered in wilderness and dotted with majestic temples


Travel through the immense territory of China which is composed of diverse and varied landscapes: temples, deserts, mountains, lakes and grasslands, not forgetting the 21,000 km of the Great Wall of China

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, located in south-eastern China, has a densely populated and vibrant urban centre. The latter, filled with imposing skyscrapers, pushes the limits of gravity


From the peaks of the Himalayas to the coastline of the Indian Ocean, treat yourself to a journey through India's 5,000 year history


Discover the thousands of volcanic islands that make up Indonesia. Between volcanoes, beaches and jungles, the world's largest archipelago invites you on a journey of discovery and wonder


The Japanese archipelago invites you to discover its dense cities, mountainous national parks and thousands of temples and shrines that reflect its history 


Let yourself be transported to Malaysia, an Asian country renowned for its paradisiacal beaches, tropical forests and Malay, Chinese and Indian cultural influences


Myanmar, the land of temples and pagodas, combines the beauty and diversity of Asia with a variety of landscapes, from snow-capped mountains in the north to heavenly beaches in the south


From the labyrinthine streets of Kathmandu to the snow-capped peaks of the world's highest mountain range, Nepal offers you the virtues of an engaging country


Take time to relax in the Philippines. Whether inland or on the clear water, the Philippine landscape is like a work of art 


Russia, the country where contrasts meet, between the heritage of the Tsars, the remains of the Soviet era buildings or the modern skyscrapers of Moscow


Rich and modern, countless futuristic skyscrapers form Singapore and offer impressive cityscapes 

South Korea

South Korea is a fascinating country with lush green landscapes and high-tech cities. Between ancestral culture and modernity, dive into the heart of the "land of the morning calm".


Between its paradisiacal beaches, its Khmer temples and its archaeological parks, Thailand offers you to dream through its postcard scenery


Between dynamic cities and fascinating ethnic villages, Vietnam combines stunning natural beauty and cultural richness


Austria invites you to travel through its mountain villages, steep alpine terrain and baroque architecture, reminiscent of the country's imperial history


Croatia has more than a thousand islands, but it is also crossed by the Dinaric Alps, which offer many breathtaking waterfalls 


Denmark, with its endless coastline, thick forests and numerous lakes, will transport you to a magical world.


Home to countless iconic landmarks, such as Big Ben Tower and Stonehenge, England also offers beautiful stretches of natural landscape 


Finland invites you on a journey through the seasons, through forests and lakes as far as the eye can see


France, the largest country in Western Europe, has long been a bridge between the northern and southern regions of the continent. Between historic castles and world-renowned vineyards, discover the country of gastronomy


Discover Germany's heritage, from the North Sea to the Alps, through its medieval cities and its rich and varied nature


Is there a country in Europe more blessed with nature and history than Greece? Situated between the Balkans, the Near East and the Mediterranean, the pearl of the Aegean invites you to relax and discover


An island of 200 volcanoes and numerous hot springs, Iceland is a small country with a breathtaking land that is renewed every day


Drive along Ireland's scenic roads, with idyllic coves and mysterious abbeys. Take time to relax and watch the stars in one of Ireland's many nature reserves


Italy offers an infinite choice: sumptuous landscapes from the sea to the mountains, and cities full of history. The latter can be discovered through majestic and world-renowned monuments


On the Adriatic coast, Montenegro has everything to please: the hinterland offers surprising mountainous landscapes and the coastline is distinguished by magnificent blue tones


The Netherlands, famous for its beautiful landscapes, lush nature and endless expanses of fields and crops, calls for a journey


Famous for its fjords and colourful houses, Norway also offers territories that are far from any human presence. It is in these regions that the northern lights will plunge you into a magical atmosphere.


Portugal, that narrow strip of land on the Iberian peninsula, invites you to discover its rich past and natural wonders


In addition to its beautiful landscapes, Romania's green countryside is full of nuggets of art built by its inhabitants: typical villages, monasteries and ancient Orthodox churches 


Discover Scotland, a Celtic country with its legendary lochs, moors and magnetic nature


With its alpine peaks, unspoilt forests and magical glacial lakes, Slovenia will transport you to breathtaking landscapes


At the crossroads of the Arab-Muslim and Latin-European worlds, Spain is made up of a variety of monuments offering unique landscapes in Europe


It is not by chance that Shelduck TV was born in Switzerland. Indeed, it is in the heart of its sumptuous landscapes that our passion for travel and adventure was born. We invite you to discover the water tower of Europe, a real island in the centre of the continent.


Ukraine, whose name literally means "borderland", has a great diversity of landscapes. The country, which for a long time was considered the "breadbasket of the USSR", is spread out between the Crimean mountains in the south and the Carpathian Mountains in the west.


Discover the wild coastline of Cyprus, "the island of Aphrodite", and take time to fly over its archaeological sites from another time


Georgia is a land of plenty, stretching between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus ranges. Its landscapes range from the icy heights of the Caucasus to the subtropical shores of the Black Sea


Turkey's rich history has played a major role in the construction of the country, whose imposing religious monuments offer sumptuous scenery

United Arab Emirates                   

The United Arab Emirates has become a must-see destination in recent years, fascinating with its excessiveness, luxury and extravagance of futuristic architecture


Let your adventurous dreams take you to wild meadows with lakes or to majestic mountains with fabulous views


Famous for its ruins, mountains, volcanoes and wild jungles, Mexico alone offers a wide variety of stunning landscapes

United States

Relax under the Californian sun, go hiking in the many national parks or escape along the endless straight roads... Live your American dream


From cosmopolitan megacities to arid deserts, from white sandy beaches to lush rainforests, Australia has something for every adventurer


New Zealand invites you to discover its North Island, 'Smoky Island', with its host of volcanoes and subtropical forests, and its South Island, 'Jade Island', with its stunning snow-capped peaks


Between its Andes mountains, its glacial lakes and its "pampas", discover Argentina, a rich and varied South American country


With the driest desert in the world, eternal ice and waterfalls, Chile is an invitation to discover the diversity


Preserved colonial architecture, snow-capped volcanoes and Amazon jungle come together to form Ecuador. This pearl stretches from the Pacific to the Amazon, spanning the Andes Mountains


Africa offers you a mosaic of savannahs, national parks, mountains, big cities or small traditional villages. Discover the "Cradle of Humankind" and its many breathtaking landscapes and sceneries


Asia will make you vibrate to the frenzied rhythms of the metropolises and allow you to immerse yourself in the serenity of the temples in the heart of nature

South America

Tropical forests, Amazon jungle, vast metropolises, fine sandy beaches or remote mountain trails; in South America you are spoilt for choice


Europe opens its doors to you and invites you to discover its beauty and history. From the Scandinavian nations near the Arctic Circle to the warm countries of the Mediterranean, you will find modern cities as well as the remains of ancient civilisations.

Middle East

From Greek and Roman remains to the tallest futuristic skyscrapers and lush religious monuments, the architecture of the Middle East never ceases to amaze

North America                                        

North America will delight lovers of wild lands and endless landscapes. Forests in Canada, endless steppes in Alaska, rock formations and deserts in the USA... Fly to these magical places that combine wonderfully with equally attractive cities


Oceania offers you a surprising journey to the end of the world, to discover a collection of thousands of paradisiacal islands and diverse landscapes


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The world of mountains


The world of water (waterfalls, oceans, lakes, rivers, islands, beaches ...)


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The rural world

Travelling around the world is the ultimate traveller's dream. With the "world" selection, make this dream come true by discovering our planet. With each world launch, explore the 52 countries, 7 continents and 10,000 high-resolution files that make up Shelduck TV. A journey that only ends when you decide.